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Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products gives you an honest-to-goodness, power-packed clean – without toxins, petrochemicals, bleach, ammonia, phosphates or other harmful ingredients.

Company Background

Some day somewhere a historian will investigate the origins of the green movement and its eco-friendly products. A search on “Google look-alikes” will be populated with entries that contain “Earth Friendly Products,” or “Dishmate, or “Venus Laboratories.” The researcher may find that a young man from Greece living in Chicago was struggling with English but knew he could master the symbol-intensive subject of chemistry. That young man, Van Vlahakis, later recognized the need for more effective cleaning products and in 1967 founded Venus Laboratories, Inc. to make better cleaning products and pursue his dream of business success.

By 1989 Venus Laboratories had expanded from its Illinois base with plants in California, New Jersey, and Florida. This year also marked the launch of Earth Friendly Products, a division of Venus Laboratories formed to concentrate on eco-friendly and green cleaning supplies including the ECOS laundry detergent and Dishmate dishwashing soap. John Vlahakis, Van’s son, took on the mission of marketing the new green products throughout the U.S., and in 2004 became division President, a position he fulfilled until 2009. Another family member, Kelly Vlahakis joined the company as Director of Public Relations in 2003 and assumed the position of Vice President in 2009. In 2010, a new facility will open in Lacey, Washington to help cut down on the company’s carbon footprint.

From a small start in a few green stories, mainstream retail distribution was achieved when the products appeared on the shelves of Trader Joe’s. Other mass retailers followed including Costco and Sam’s Clubs. In 2009, ECOS laundry detergent distinguished itself as the top-selling green detergent in the world.

The years have been punctuated by many “firsts.” In 2008, chemists at Earth Friendly Products solved obstinate riddles to completely eliminate 1,4-dioxane from all Earth Friendly Products, an achievement no other green company had been able to accomplish. Earth Friendly Products’ entire product line is free of 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, phosphates, caustics, chlorine bleach, and other toxins. Product purity and the highest standards can be relied upon as the company’s products originate from the company’s proprietary and patented formulations. All products are manufactured in one of the company’s five manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Many of the formulas were developed by Van Vlahakis directly and in collaboration with the company’s chemists.

Earth Friendly Products provides high quality, affordable green products. All product is tracked from raw material through final manufacture in the company owned and operated plants. The continued dedication of its founder Van Vlahakis, closely involved family members, capable management, chemists, and production employees has produced a success formula and a strong foundation for further growth.

Emphasizing its commitment to green alternatives, in 2009 the company’s Garden Grove facility installed 265 solar panels to become the first green facility to produce all of its electricity for production from solar power. Plants in Addison, Illinois and New Jersey are scheduled to install or retrofit 300 solar panels each to reduce their dependence on non-solar electrical power. Further innovation is planned along with new plant locations to support global demand for products that reduce the carbon footprint.

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