2022 Gala to Honor Shanna Swan & Nina Montée Karp

2022 Gala to Honor Shanna Swan & Nina Montée Karp

September 23, 2022

Our 2022 Mom on a Mission gala is just days away! We have spent this year getting to know our fascinating nominees. Our panel has deliberated and chosen and now we’re thrilled to be celebrating our winner, Dr. Shanna Swan, at the event. We’re also celebrating Nina Montée Karp, a director and environmental activist, at the gala. For those who are not able join us in Los Angeles in person, here’s a little bit about what makes these mothers who have devoted their lives to environmental health so impressive.

Dr. Shanna Swan — 2022 Mom on a Mission Winner

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve been reading a lot about those oddly spelled and hard to pronounce hormone disrupting chemicals that can be found children’s toys, lunchboxes, and even shampoo. You know, phthalates. That’s Dr. Swan’s area of expertise, and she has a lot to do with why you’re hearing about them. When her friends and family ask her about her work, she explains, “I study how man-made chemicals affect the health of the developing infant.” Currently she does this as a Professor and Vice-Chair for Research and Mentoring in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Her pioneering studies have drawn scientific as well as public attention to ways that chemical exposure can affect reproductive health. Her studies of humans have been especially noteworthy because she has developed novel, rigorous approaches that explicitly address predictions emerging from toxicological studies of endocrine disruption in animals. Her work linking boys reproductive health and behavior to prenatal phthalate exposure helped efforts to pass legislation that removed the “worst actors” from commerce in the US and EU.  It’s with great honor that we name her our 2022 Mom on a Mission.

Dr. Swan is pictured above. To learn more about Shanna, read her first-person story here. 

Nina Montée Karp — Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Director. Producer. Environmental Activist. Documentarian. Mother. These are not the titles of five different people, but of just one incredible woman, Nina Montée Karp. A founding board member of Healthy Child Healthy World and a board member of the Environmental Working Group, Nina is incredibly active throughout health and environmental fields. Nina has made immeasurable contributions to the care of children and women. Her work has spanned educational DVDs for mothers to inspirational and informative visual guides for breast cancer patients. An important member of her community, Nina has produced and chaired a variety of fundraisers and has rallied millions of dollars for women, children, environmental, and arts-related causes. She is also the wife of  Dr. Harvey Karp-well known in these very circles-and mother to a daughter, Lexi. We are so happy to honor Nina Montée Karp with our Lifetime Achievement Award.