5 Natural Allergy Tips To Celebrate Spring’s Arrival

5 Natural Allergy Tips To Celebrate Spring’s Arrival

March 20, 2023

By Alexandra Zissu, Editorial Director

Happy spring! And gesundheit—do you need a tissue?

To make this allergy season a little easier and less sneezier, here are some natural tips for dealing with allergies. While the science to support these measures as cures isn’t always there, the anecdotal evidence that they work is overwhelming. Sometimes a tried and true remedy is exactly what a miserable wheezing kid needs.

• Two words: neti pot.

Have you tried one yet? They rinse sinuses of allergens using warm salted water. It’s arguably a bizarre feeling, making it trickier to use for kids than for adults, but anyone can master one with a little effort. Just make sure to use distilled or filtered water.

• Try a natural histamine block.

Some people say apple cigar vinegar as well as nettles work wonders. Neither are the easiest things to get kids to swallow. If you want to try them, heed Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar advice to make the medicine go down.

• Three words: raw local honey.

At last! A remedy the kids will beg to take! The going thought here is that a body can build tolerance to local allergy triggers by consuming local honey made from those very plant sources. Talk to the people selling honey at your farmers’ market; they’ll be able to hook you up. Keep in mind that honey, especially raw honey, is not considered safe for babies under one.

• Keep it clean.

Bad air quality is said to make allergies worse, so take steps to improve your indoor air. Open windows to ventilate your space, switch to natural cleaning products, and don’t burn scented candles or use your fireplace. Keep an eye out for other things that can pollute your home’s air like garden pesticides, air “fresheners,” and conventional paint. For more tips on keeping a nursery pure, download our e-book, Easy Steps to a Healthy Nursery.

• Skip the fragrance.

Perfumes found in everything from body cream to shampoo to fabric softeners can exacerbate allergies. Opt for fragrance-free personal care products and laundry detergent. Speaking of laundry, if you line-dry, give it a rest during allergy season. This is especially important with sheets. Pollen and more can stick to wet fabric as it dries. You don’t want your allergic babe sleeping on air dried pillowcases until the pollen subsides.

What are your favorite tips for dealing with allergies?