7 Easy Ways To Make the Rest of Summer Non-Toxic

7 Easy Ways To Make the Rest of Summer Non-Toxic

January 29, 2023

By Alexandra Zissu, Editorial Director

Where is summer going? It happens too quickly. The fireworks may be done but there is still plenty of warm weather adventure to be had before school—and all of the schedule and structure that comes with it—starts up again. So we’re revisiting some of our best summer tips and adding in a few extras to make sure these remaining weeks are as safe, healthy, and non-toxic as can be.

Here’s to a shoe-free August with lazy bedtimes and ample family fun. Check out our tips for having a safer non-toxic summer: 

  • ’Tis the season to get bit. Repel bugs without DEET. The pesticides used in insect repellant can be harmful for both children and adults alike. Look for plant based sprays with oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • If you have bugs on your veggie patch or your berry bushes, resist the urge to spray synthetic insecticides and instead seek out organic ways of discouraging them. Growing food safely is a must for families with kids.
  • Planning a BBQ or a picnic? Make sure it is GMO-free!
  • If the kids are hot and clamoring to cool off, be careful about chlorine in pools. High levels of chlorine have been linked to asthma in small children. When it comes to kiddie pools, choose PVC-free plastic if you don’t want the baby wading in endocrine disrupting chemicals.
  • Keeping out of the sun in the heat of the day is always a good thing, but sunscreen is still a must. Opt for creams formulated with minerals (zinc and titanium dioxide, non-nanoparticle) instead of chemicals. These sit on your skin instead of getting absorbed into your body.
  • If the lazy days of August include a visit to the grandparents—maternal or paternal—check out our family survival guide. We wrote it to help out over the holidays, but the advice stands for any time of the year when an eco-leaning family finds themselves in the (organic) minority.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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