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9 Steps to Planning a Healthy Spring Break for You & Your Kids!

9 Steps to Planning a Healthy Spring Break for You & Your Kids!

January 12, 2023

Over the next few weeks, the majority of school-aged children will go on spring break. If your family vacation involves travel, chances are it will include junky resort food, germy hotel rooms, and plenty of opportunities to visit a local doctor. To avoid the latter, here are some simple tips to keep the whole family healthy on vacation.

  1. Boost immune systems prior to travel by eating well and getting enough sleep.
  2. Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands. Pack germ-killing wipes and sprays for when you can’t and don’t be shy about using them. You’re not the first person to wipe down an airplane seat back tray table! Just make sure to avoid products containing triclosan, a toxic antibacterial agent.  
  3. Keep your (clean) hands to yourself and tell the kids not to put theirs in their mouths. Planes, trains, and rental cars can harbor germs. So can multi-use items like complimentary magazines, pillows, and blankets.
  4. Drink copious amounts of water. Airplane air is as dry as can be. Hydration is important.
  5. Bring healthy travel snacks in an effort to avoid sugar highs and crashes when better choices are unavailable. If you haven’t packed any, look for items with the fewest ingredients you can find—preferably ones you know and can pronounce!
  6. Consider renting an apartment with a kitchen instead of a staying at an all-inclusive hotel. This way you can shop locally and make healthy meals. Bonus: there might even be a blender for cocktails!
  7. There are some nasty flu strains as well as stomach viruses going around. Take 10 minutes before heading to the beach to give your hotel room a clean sweep. Studies show the least hygienic spots are the TV remote, bathroom faucets, and the bedspread (stash it in a drawer). Wiping down switches, phones, and knobs can further reduce exposure to germs.
  8. Going somewhere warm? Practice safe sun with our sunscreen tips  and the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen recommendations. 
  9. Swim safe, too. Many pools are over-chlorinated. Indoor pools have especially high concentrations of vapors in the air as they lack ventilation. Try not to let the kids turn into mermaids.  

What are your favorite spring break tips?