Ana Cosma

Impact & Outreach Coordinator

Ana Cosma is a web marketing and social media expert with a passion for empowering organizations to harness innovative marketing techniques to promote social good. Ana comes to Healthy Child Healthy World after working for the award-winning public relations firm Zeno Group. Previously, Ana held positions in both public relations and the non-profit sector, working with organizations that provide relief services and advocate for women’s role in community leadership. She is passionate about working to make sure women and families have the information they need to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Drawing from her past experiences working with news websites, Ana also gained valuable web marketing and data analysis experience while volunteering as a social metrics/web analyst for non-profit community news outlets such as Ana holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Public Relations and International Relations from the University of Southern California. When not working, Ana enjoys reading, going to concerts, cooking, and baking organic double chocolate cupcakes. Follow her on Twitter @HungryFeminist.