Betty Ann Gaynor, M.A., M.A.T.

Betty Ann Gaynor has served as a public relations/media professional for more than a decade, primarily in health and children-related campaigns. Experience and education in communications, as well as an eclectic and curiosity-driven intellect and spiritual commitment to promoting wellness, are the driving forces behind her effective and creative programs.

Her background includes national, regional, and local public relations for Everett Clay Associates Inc., an award winning Miami-based and New York-affiliated public relations firm. Since 1990, she has been an independent consultant, and has done promotion for books, such as Raising Children Toxic Free: How to Eliminate Toxins in Your Home and Environment (Avon 1995), medical/surgical physician practices, and general and hospitals specializing in cardiology, orthopedics, and eating disorders.. Additionally, in corporate promotion, she has nationally showcased captivating, wholesome and educational play systems for children and their families.

An ardent health advocate, she has served as the national publicist/media advisor for The Children's Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC) since 1994 and spear-headed the public relations media strategy for CHEC's Environmental Childproofing Campaign, launched in January. 2001.

Gaynor's results-oriented campaigns have produced national hard news and feature placements with Associated Press, United Press International, Gannett and Scripps Howard syndicated wire services, national magazines, and daily newspapers with a circulation range from 120,000 to over a million. Her broadcasting coverage includes international placements as well as stories on network-affiliated television and radio stations.

In addition to her skills in media-related public relations, Gaynor is a published free-lance writer and veteran junior high school teacher, having worked in both the public and private school systems.

Gaynor holds two master of arts degrees, one in Journalism and the second in teaching Spanish. She is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.