Catherine McCord

Chef and Founder of Weelicious

As the mother of two young children, my son's and daughter's health is of paramount importance to me. I started to inspire parents to cook fast, fresh and easy recipes for their families and also to help them get their kids involved in the cooking process and learning how to treat their bodies well from day one!
I started modeling and traveling the world at a very young age, tasting and being turned onto foods that were exciting and exotic to my Kentucky bred palette. When I was living in Paris, Milan, New York and traveling to places like Tokyo, Morocco and Sydney, I became obsessed with learning about local cuisine.
Later I went to culinary school, then worked in a few restaurants trying to learn more tricks of the trade.
Whenever people ask me what type of cuisine I like to cook the best, I say “what’s fresh”. The most important part of food is the ingredients you start with. I like simple food that speaks for itself.
When I had my kids, Kenya and Chloe, I realized that I wanted them to be exposed to seasonal, organic food that’s as pure as possible. I want them to know that food shouldn’t have to be pumped with sugar, salt and preservatives to be delicious.
Kenya and Chloe only know what I feed them. If I gave them McDonalds, they’d love it, but if I give them pesto chicken, that’s what they’ll crave.
Parents’ lives are busy, but we also want our kids to have the best. The recipes on this site are delicious, nutritious and easy, but most important, they’re fast. I make cooking fun for all of us. I prop Chloe in her high chair and let Kenya sit on a stool so they can both be part of the process. Who knows, maybe one of them will be a great chef someday. Ahh….a mother’s dream.