David Carpenter, MD

Professor of Environmental Health & Toxicology University of New York at Albany

Dr. David Carpenter is a Professor at the Environmental Health and Toxicology Division, School of Public Health at the University of Albany in New York. Dr. Carpenter is currently an editorial advisor of the Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health.

He is the host of a 30 minute public health information show called "The Public Radio Health Show", which is carried on more than 170 stations nationwide including the Armed Forces Radio Network and Voice of America. Prior to joining the University at Albany, Dr. Carpenter was a Research Physician at the Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research.

Dr. Carpenter's research interests are in the following areas:

* Synaptic transmission
* Neuronal thermosensitivity
* Excitotoxicity and neuronal cell death
* Neural basis of human disease especially the Dementias and ALS
* Neurotoxicology
* Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation biology
* Public health education

Dr. Carpenter received his M.D. at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Carpenter is the author of more than 240 peer-reviewed publications, four books and over 40 book chapters and reviews. .

Dr. Carpenter was appointed to the board of the Pacific Basin Consortium in January 2000.