Diane Farr


Diane Farr, who according to The New York Times, “Looks like Barbie and talks like Ken” brought her beauty and unique sense of humor to Showtime’s CALIFORNICATION last season as Jill Robinson – the id to David Duchovny’s ego. Having just finished three years as the female lead on CBS’s NUMB3RS, playing FBI Agent Megan Reeves – Farr was thrilled to put her gun down and don a sundress for a comedy. Just prior to NUMB3RS,

Farr starred on the critically acclaimed FX show RESCUE ME as the female firefighter Laura Miles. As The Boston Globe stated, “Farr eloquently portrays the struggles of being the lone woman in a highly masculine work environment while also capturing the subtle power particular to that position.”
Farr previously starred opposite Denis Leary in the critical darling, THE JOB, as well as in THE DREW CAREY SHOW and ROSWELL, but it was Farr’s work as the sole female on the MTV hit, LOVELINE, that made her whisky-soaked voice so recognizable. Farr offered council in 200 episodes of this cult phenomenon, while she was simultaneously publishing her first book.

The Girl Code, a comic look at single women in the 21st century, was released on Valentine’s Day 2001. It has since been sold to seven countries in five languages. Farr’s latest book, Kissing Outside The Lines, has just been released and it hilariously chronicles her path to an interracial marriage. Part of a two book series, Kissing will be followed up next year with Shades of America – which discusses raising biracial children. Diane writes for most American magazines and recently took over Dave Barry’s internationally syndicated column for Herald Tribune Newspapers, writing a comedic comment on pop culture. She also has a web series with FunnyorDie.com called “Ass Castles” and it is just as ridiculous as the name implies. Farr most recently finished shooting CHERRY written and directed by Stephen Elliot (author of The Adderall Diaries) with James Franco, Dev Patel and Heather Graham.

Diane is also a mother to “Irish Triplets”: A four-year old son, and identical twin daughters who are age three. She considers 16-hour days on set “like a spa treatment” compared to 16 hours at home with her three. Diane is also a mommy ambassador for The March of Dimes and The Mineseeker Foundation.