Josie Maran

Raised in a bohemian household in Northern California, Josie Maran grew up appreciating natural, unpretentious beauty. At the time, makeup—heavy and mask-like—seemed anything but pretty to her.

"When I compared the supposedly glamorous women I saw in magazines to my mother, who never wore a stitch of makeup, it was no contest," says Josie. "My mom was, and still is, a true beauty."

Josie began modeling at age 12 after being discovered at a family friend's barbecue. Though she loved working, Josie waited until she finished high school before pursuing modeling full-time. At 17, she signed with Elite in Los Angeles, and her career as a professional model kicked into overdrive. Josie quickly earned a name for herself by landing some of the most coveted jobs in the business, including the cover of Glamour (she would go on to grace it five more times), and a stint as the iconic GUESS girl. Soon, Josie was appearing regularly in top fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Mademoiselle.

"As I began to land jobs, I discovered what a lot of other girls already knew: the power of makeup. I'd never even applied lip gloss, but I learned trade secrets from the team of expert artists who applied my makeup on photo shoots. I was surprised to see how makeup could transform not just my look but also my mood! I saw that a little could go a long way, and I stopped seeing makeup as the enemy."

With a remarkable portfolio of commercials, advertisements, and music videos already behind her, Josie moved cross-country and signed with Elite in New York. In 1997, she landed a lucrative contract as the face of Januarybelline, a title she held for nearly a decade. In another career coup, Maran was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue three years in a row. Josie also made a successful transition into acting, appearing in feature films including Van Helsing and The Aviator.

But it was the birth of her first child that jumpstarted Josie's latest endeavor. Josie explains, "Becoming a mother inspired me to take a look at my life and ask, "What can I do for the world? How can I contribute?" Having spent so many hours in the makeup chair, Josie was ready to create her own signature line.

The result: Josie Maran Cosmetics, launched in 2007. The products made with superior ingredients and housed in chic, biodegradable packaging, embrace eco-friendly initiatives wherever possible.

"I want to contribute to making positive change, and I also want to create something fun, beautiful, and luxurious," Josie says. "My dream is to build a brand with so much influence and popularity that my customers and I can work together to make the world a better place."