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As a reflection of our mission to educate parents to protect children from harmful chemicals, Healthy Child Healthy World has always had a relationship with esteemed healthcare professionals and institutions with similar goals including:

We’ve collaborated on developing educational materials, promoting awareness about new research and lifestyle recommendations, and connecting patients with timely information. Now, we're building on these past efforts and creating a modern, comprehensive, easy-to-use program for empowering healthcare professionals and parents during the most critical phases of development.

Why Environmental Health Education is Crucial During Pregnancy and Early Childhood

Human development is a delicate and startlingly quick process. Most women don't even know they're pregnant until they have been for a month or so, but during that short period a baby is going through some of the most dramatic changes of his or her life. Because so much is happening so quickly, these first weeks are a particularly vulnerable period in human growth. Each development relies on precise, successful development in the previous stage. If an environmental factor, such as a chemical contaminant in the mother's body, interferes with growth during a critical period of development, the child may be permanently affected.

And, while the first months are certainly the most vulnerable, this developmental process continues throughout pregnancy and into adulthood. The landslide of biological changes all build on earlier developments – there is an imminent danger here with the soup of toxic chemicals in the environment. But there is also an opportunity for getting the right information to parents at the right time – indeed what specific risks are relevant during each specific phase of growth.

Parents want this information, they want to do the right thing to protect and promote healthy child development.

Why Target Healthcare Professionals providing care for Expecting/New Parents?

  • Healthcare Professionals caring for expecting/new parents are important since their patient’s developing fetuses are especially vulnerable to toxics. Expecting/new parents should avoid exposure to toxic chemicals prior to child’s conception/throughout pregnancy and early life when risk of damage is the greatest.
  • Healthcare Professionals are trusted authority figures and an ideal representative to relay this important information.
  • Expecting/new parents are a receptive audience for this type of information and are beginning to set up a lifetime of healthy choices for their children/families.

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