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Olivia Newton-John

Singer, Actress, Environmentalist

Olivia Newton-John helped launch Healthy Child Healthy World in 1992, and served as national spokesperson for a decade. Her steadfast devotion has enabled Healthy Child to receive global attention and international support. Her contributions of time and talent have been significant and far-reaching. She also collaborated on the creation and production of Healthy Child’s first educational video, “Not Under My Roof: Protecting Your Baby From Toxins At Home."

"Healthy Child - Healthy World!!

The 2 are so intricately intertwined, a reflection of each other, and this has been our goal since this organization was started 16 years ago.

Nancy and Jim Chuda, my dear friends and founders of Healthy Child Healthy World, were visionaries and saw the need then for these guidelines to inform parents on how to protect their children from environmental hazards. I am proud to be a part of this green team!"

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