Laura Dern

The recipient of countless awards, Laura is recognized for her ability to portray a wide range of characters - her latest being the star of the HBO series "Enlightened," which she's also executive producing. Not only is she a wonderful actress and talented director and producer, but she is also a widely-acknowledged, dedicated environmentalist and mother. Laura has been a stalwart voice for ecological and health awareness in the media, as well as in schools and communities across the country and she promotes creative projects that seamlessly incorporate vital environmental and health messages about the chemical assaults of modern living.

Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman is an award-winning producer and actress, whose TV credits include "NYPD Blue," "Judging Amy" (which she also created and produced), and currently ABC's "Private Practice." In addition to her work with Healthy Child Healthy World, Amy also actively supports The Feminist Majority, and the Cornerstone Theater Company, of which she's a founding member. Amy has been a long standing champion messenger for Healthy Child and has gone on numerous television and radio shows to help educate the public about children's health.

Laura Turner Seydel

As one of the most influential women in the environmental movement today, Laura is dedicated to the ongoing education, community initiatives and collective effort necessary to create a safer environment for our children. She has co-founded such organizations as Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and Mothers & Others for Clean Air, and is Chairman of the Board for Captain Planet Foundation. She also holds Board of Director seats and participates on the advisory boards of countless other organizations. In addition, Laura is an eco-editor, speaker, and philanthropist living with her family in the first LEED certified residence in the Southeast.

Dr. Sandra Steingraber

Dr. Sandra Steingraber is the author of multiple books including <i>Living Downstream: An Ecologist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment</i>, which was been adapted to film. An enthusiastic and sought-after public speaker, Sandra has keynoted conferences on human health and the environment throughout the United States and Canada. Sandra has also testified in the European Parliament, before the President's Cancer Panel, and has participated in briefings to Congress and before United Nations delegates in Geneva, Switzerland.

Penelope Jagessar Chaffer

Aghast to discover that she could be exposing her young baby to potentially serious health risks and astonished by her lack of awareness of what is one of the biggest environmental issues facing our society, Penelope embarked on a journey to discover the truth. Her film, 'Toxic Baby,' is the result of that search. Penelope is the first black, female director to be nominated for a British Academy Award. Penelope is also an author for Toxipedia; she contributes to several blogs and writes for publications around the world.