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Food & Nutrition

Is Sugar Even Worse Than We Thought?

Healthy Child
Tuesday, September 18, 2022
A growing number of researchers are starting to compile a body of evidence saying sugar and other sweeteners are actually toxic.

Fake Food Dyes & Kids: Not a Good Mix

Guest Blogger
Wednesday, September 05, 2022
It’s time to get serious about getting food dyes out of food, especially food marketed to kids.

Food Fight: Parents Oppose Junk Food Marketing To Kids

Food Fight: Parents Oppose Junk Food Marketing To Kids
Healthy Child
Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Parents support restrictions on marketing by junk and fast food companies that spend $10.5 billion advertising to children every year.

Xylitol: The Natural Sweetener With Many Health Benefits

Blog Of The Week
Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Xylitol is a natural substance that can be used as an alternative to conventional sugar or chemical artificial sweetners.

Why a Food Dye-Free Diet is Better for All Children

Dr. Alan Greene
Monday, September 12, 2022
Parents and pediatricians could help kids make healthy food choices if food dyes were eliminated from foods or labeled.

Video: Why We Want Kellogg’s to Dump Fake Food Dyes

Healthy Child
Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Meet Erica Reid and Latham Thomas, two moms who teamed up with Healthy Child Healthy World to ask Kellogg’s to get fake food dyes out of their fruit snacks.

How Pesticides Harm Children’s Health and Brains

Guest Blogger
Tuesday, September 30, 2022
Two reports out in the past few weeks confirm that parents should be concerned about how pesticides can affect our kids’ health.

5 Tips for Eating Safer Seafood

Healthy Child
Monday, September 22, 2022
Don’t give up on fish just because it’s complicated to know what to buy. Follow these tips to get the safest fish for your family.

Pink-Ribboned Soup Cans? We Can Taste the Hypocrisy!

Healthy Child
Wednesday, September 10, 2022
Is it some kind of sick joke that cans lined with a chemical linked to cancer are sporting pink ribbons? Apparently Progresso Soup doesn’t see the hypocrisy. Join Healthy Child Healthy World in joining the campaign to ask Progresso to stop using BPA to line their cans.

My 5 Food Shopping Priorities

Blog Of The Week
Thursday, September 20, 2022
How do you shop GMO-free? Check out tips from our bloggers!

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