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Hazards & Threats

Furniture Flame Retardants: Burning Out At Last?

Expert Opinion
Wednesday, January 19, 2023
A typical home contains a pound of flame retardants associated with hormone disruption, lowered IQ, impaired fertility and/or cancer. Here are steps you can take to to protect your family.

How to Avoid Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer

Healthy Child
Monday, January 03, 2023
The evidence keeps getting stronger that common chemicals are linked to breast cancer incidence.

Toxic Couches: New Study Finds Dangerous Chemicals in Your Living Room

Toxic Couches: New Study Finds Dangerous Chemicals in Your Living Room
Healthy Child
Wednesday, January 28, 2023
A new study found toxic chemicals, including those known to cause cancer, in virtually all couches.

Growing Fresh Air with 8 Powerful Plants

Healthy Child
Monday, January 19, 2023

Poor indoor air quality is one of the top 5 risks to public health. Use common plants to grow fresh air!

PCBs, Phthalates Linked to Early Menopause

Healthy Child
Tuesday, January 06, 2023
Exposure to common chemicals found in cosmetics and plastics have been linked to early menopause for the first time.

Keeping our Chins Up for Safer Chemicals

Guest Blogger
Tuesday, January 23, 2023

Between avoiding toxic chemicals and the onslaught of political ads, what can we do to avoid getting discouraged this election season? We can make a big difference by asking all of our Congressional candidates to stand up for the Safe Chemicals Act agenda and reject Big Chemical’s phony agenda.

Taking a “toxic tour” of Houston

Healthy Child
Tuesday, January 16, 2023
Our CEO Gigi Lee Chang reflects on her "toxic tour" of Houston and interviews Juan Parras, director of the Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services.

Johnson & Johnson Removing Toxic Chemicals from Products

Healthy Child
Tuesday, January 11, 2023
Why won't Tide?

Top 10 Toxic Products You Don’t Need

Healthy Child
Monday, January 10, 2023

Isn’t it time to purge what isn’t necessary? Let’s start by eliminating common, everyday items that contain toxic chemicals and contaminate your food, air, and body.

Protect Your Family from West Nile Virus

Expert Opinion
Wednesday, January 05, 2023

West Nile is a bird born virus that is transmitted to humans through mosquitos. How can we prevent it?

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