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Tip 13: Ditch the Bleach, Vinegar Brightens Laundry

Jennifer Taggart
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A cup of white vinegar added to the wash can keep fabrics bright.

Note: DO NOT USE IN ADDITION TO BLEACH because the resulting fumes are hazardous.

Household bleach is a weak sodium hypochlorite solution. It is also the most common cleaner accidentally swallowed by children.

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Posted by Meredith  on  04/15/2009  at  02:25 PM

This is great news. Bleach is such a strong chemical that I’d rather not use it unless absolutely necessary.

Posted by Virginia Breeden  on  03/30/2007  at  01:14 PM

We have a septic system in our yard so after doing some research I found a product that is super great on clothes and the environment.  It is called color brite and contains no chlorine bleach or other toxic ingredients.  It contains a blend of enzymes and UV reflecting brighteners.  It is super concentrated so it saves me money.

Posted by Mandy  on  01/10/2007  at  08:42 AM

Yes -white and distilled vinegar are the same. So either way would work.

Posted by Patty Ramirez  on  01/08/2007  at  08:24 AM

Is White Vinegar the same as Distilled vinegar? Which should I try?
Thanks for the great tips!

Posted by Mama C-ta  on  10/19/2006  at  01:13 PM

Great tip.  I also use vinegar to strip my cloth diapers from all the build up non eco-friendly detergents cause (which I’ve since learned not to use!)

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