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Mission Statement

James and Nancy Chuda are founders of The Colette Chuda Environmental Fund  and Healthy Child Healthy World. Both were established in 1992 to honor the passing of their 5 year old daughter Colette who died of a non-hereditary form of cancer, Wilm’s tumor.

For over three decades, Healthy Child Healthy World’s mission has empowered parents to take action and protect their children from harmful chemicals. Through educational initiatives in collaboration with scientists and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics Healthy Child Healthy World  has impacted the marketplace inspiring manufacturers to produce healthier non-toxic consumer products without the use of chemicals known to cause many childhood illnesses. Healthy Child Healthy World remains the most trusted resource for parents enabling  their “right-to-know” by providing critical information encouraging smarter lifestyle choices that reduce toxic chemical exposure in homes, schools and communities.

Our founding vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to grow-up in a healthy and safe environment.

Our future goal is to establish an endowment in Colette Chuda’s name that will award  scientists who continue to prove children are at risk to chemicals in the environment, companies that adhere to transparency when it comes to creating safer products and policy makers whose goals are to protect those that are the most vulnerable, our children who are the littlest members of society but are the future.