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Easy Halloween Tricks

Easy Halloween Tricks

January 26, 2023

Get into the Halloween spirit — without the harmful chemicals. Help your kids stay spooky but safe with these simple steps.

Download the infographic here.

Face Paint

  • Beware of heavy metals like nickel, cobalt and chromium.
  • Apply carefully: avoid the sensitive eye area and mouth.
  • Do a forearm test to check for allergies – even with “hypoallergenic” products.
  • Check for color additives and buy FDA-approved colors only.
  • DIY with common ingredients like lotion, cornstarch and natural food colors (try beet or spinach).


  • Buy dark chocolate over milk chocolate, white chocolate or yogurt-covered treats.
  • Avoid artificial colors or flavors.
  • Try candy filled with fruit (nuts make healthy choices but may trigger allergies).
  • Offer small serving sizes to trick-or-treaters
  • Enjoy in moderation!


  • Try to avoid disposable, store-bought costumes. They’re frequently made with flame-retardant chemicals and vinyl plastic.
  • Skip metal costume jewelry. It may contain unsafe levels of cadmium or lead.
  • Pick a wig or hat, rather than spray-on hair dye.
  • Don’t use masks – they can release chemicals and obscure children’s vision.
  • DIY with natural fabrics such as cotton or wool.

Download the infographic here.

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