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Talc; also known as talcum powder, baby powder, soapstone, French chalk, or magnesium silicate; can pose a threat to kid’s health. Talc can naturally occur and be contaminated with asbestos fibers, a known human carcinogen. And, while there’s no direct link between using talc on babies and future incidence of cancer, it’s still prudent to avoid exposing your baby to potential carcinogens. The cosmetics industry claims that testing is performed regularly to ensure that talc used for baby and body powders does not contain asbestos, but that is not always true. Additionally, powders like talc can irritate a baby’s or kid’s lungs and even pose a suffocation hazard if the container tips over in a child’s face. Simply put: skip it.

For diaper rashes, ointments and creams are less likely to dry or chafe skin. Unlike talc, creams and ointments do not pose an inhalation hazard to kids. If you still prefer to use powders, cornstarch or other non-talc powders are a preferable alternative. When you use any powder on or near children, try to minimize the amount of dust that flies into the air.


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