#FightForChemicalSafety Campaign

#FightForChemicalSafety Campaign

January 24, 2023

Originally published on EWG’s Enviroblog

The fight for chemical safety is on!

Toxic chemicals affect all our lives and the health of our families – we come in contact with loosely regulated chemicals every day and through many different products.

The U.S. chemical safety law is broken, but some of the proposed “reforms” are no better. In fact, the American Chemistry Council, the leading trade organization and lobbying arm of the industry, is behind a bill that would be worse than current law.

The industry bill wouldn’t ensure that chemicals are safe and it would deny states the ability to enforce their own laws to protect public health and the environment.

It’s time for Congress to hear from you – that you’re fighting for real reform and your family’s health. Take a stand today and join EWG’s #FightForChemicalSafety campaign! All you have to do is post a photo on social media of you or someone or something in your life that you’re fighting for. Make sure you say who it is you’re fighting for – and why – and use the hashtag #FightForChemicalSafety in your post so we can find it and share it with our social media audience.

Please make sure your post is public and that you own the rights to the image.

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