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For Colette: The Flower That Shattered the Stone

For Colette: The Flower That Shattered the Stone

March 11, 2023

By Nancy Chuda

Founder of LuxEco Living and Healthy Child Healthy World

As children, we are curious, naïve and trusting of our surroundings. We have limited defenses and little or no awareness of evils that may permeate the environment. At the age of four, Colette was unaware of the toxins and chemicals around her that ultimately led to a diagnosis of Wilm’s tumor, a rare form of cancer. Parents Jim and Nancy Chuda labored to beat the cancer, but lost their daughter one year later.

Toxins and chemicals flood our environment in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use each day and can even take refuge in mothers’ wombs without their knowledge. The key to halting this repetitious cycle of unknowingly ingesting and spreading chemicals to our offspring lies in knowledge.

Jim and Nancy have taken their tragedy and passionately surged a movement towards environmental awareness, creating conversations around solutions for a healthier environment. Their efforts led to the creation of the Colette Chuda Environmental Fund, Healthy Child Healthy World — the nation’s leading charity devoted to protecting children and their families from toxins, and “green” online publication, LuxEco Living Magazine.

The Chuda’s passionate research and drive to connect with others to spread awareness has dubbed them history makers. And to continue spreading this knowledge, the Chudas have been working on a memoir inspired by Colette, entitled:The Flower That Shattered the Stone. As March 3rd — what would have been Colette’s 25th birthday — recently passed, Nancy Chuda offers us a glimpse into the book that defines their mission and determination to build a healthy, sustainable environment for children to grow and flourish.

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