Past Winners

Every year it’s an honor and a privilege for us to award our winners, share their stories, and do what we can to help further their efforts. We are inspired by their passion and perseverance. They are reminders that one person truly can make a difference. Kudos and thank you to all of our winners!

2023 Mom on a Mission: Diana Reeves

Mom-turned-activist Diana Reeves founded GMO Free USA in response to a failed initiative to label genetically engineered foods in her home state. Her family’s health challenges, her lack of tolerance for putting children at risk and her anger with untested and unlabeled GMOs instigated her passion to bring positive change to our broken food system. Click here to read her first-person story on how she became a Mom on a Mission.


2023 Mom on a Mission: Victoria Di Iorio

Victoria is spearheading the Healthy Home 2020 Initiative in order to build an irrefutable scientific case to prioritize human health in the built environment through case studies focusing on indoor air quality as it relates to materials and product specifications; and, to educate architects, builders, interior designers, manufacturers and consumers about the importance of human health.


2011 Mom on a Mission: Tamara Rubin

Tamara Rubin founded Lead Safe America to promote protective policies after two of her four children were lead poisoned during a routine home renovation. She turned her tragedy into a crusade for lead safety. In addition to her tireless advocacy on behalf of families struggling with lead poisoning, and raising her own family, this year Tamara completed a documentary called “Mislead: America’s Secret Epidemic.”

2010 Mom on a Mission: Penelope Jagessar Chafer

For her remarkable perseverance against all obstacles to ensure a healthier world for children, our second annual Mom on a Mission Award went to Penelope Jagessar Chaffer whose compelling life story, including the creation of her inspiring film “Toxic Baby,” serves as an exemplary model to all concerned parents of what one person can achieve when she overcomes adversity with courage.

2009 Mom on a Mission: Shelby Rodriguez

After a massive roof tarring project in her community threatened the health of her family, Shelby organized her community to demand safer practices. She went door-to-door and to meeting after meeting to fight for clean air in her community and was successful in stopping a corporation from using a harmful, toxic, fume-producing hot tar roof application on 100 roofs needing work in her neighborhood.