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As a national leader for nearly two decades, Healthy Child Healthy World has become the nation’s leading organization of its kind, helping parents to make more responsible decisions and simple everyday choices that create healthy environments where children and families can flourish.

In support of this mission, our Shop Healthy program was created to transform the marketplace by driving awareness and consumer demand for safer, healthier products for children’s health. Our Shop Healthy guide is a leading industry resource that provides information and access to brands, products, and solutions that meet our high Quality Standards, demonstrate a long-term commitment to our mission and contribute financially to Healthy Child Healthy World to support our programs and educational development. By becoming a partner, these companies exhibit a strong commitment to safer, greener chemistry and manufacturing through elimination of harmful chemicals, toxic byproducts, and wasteful or hazardous materials.

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Today, parents want to consider the health implications and environmental effects of the products they purchase, but they lack the time and clear understanding to research the safest and healthiest options. With the help of this guide, it is our goal to arm consumers with a clear sense of the most trusted products and services available so they can make smarter choices.

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By joining our Shop Healthy program, brands become a voice for one of the most important public health and environmental movements of the 21st century. Their commitment to our mission tells consumers that they believe in making non-toxic products that are effective, accessible and affordable for the betterment of our future.