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Healthy Schools Toolkit—A Must-Have on Your Back-To-School Checklist

Healthy Schools Toolkit—A Must-Have on Your Back-To-School Checklist

August 20, 2023

By Alexandra Zissu, Editorial Director 

It’s that time of year again. Cue those multiple trips to the local office supply store to buy notebooks, pens, backpacks, and everything else on your child’s back-to-school list. By now you know how to prepare your child for another year of reading, writing, science, and math. But what you may not be prepared for are the many harmful chemicals your child can encounter every day in their school or daycare environment.

Did you know that items found in schools including art supplies, hand sanitizer, and even nap mats may all contain substances that are unhealthy for your child to breathe or use? Schools, rightly considered safe havens for kids, can actually pose health risks from pesticides, lead paint, and ingredients in common school snacks.

To help you identify and combat these risks, we have launched our Easy Steps Healthy Schools & Daycares  initiative. Our new Easy Steps to Healthy Schools & Daycares eBook was created to help parents and caregivers make smarter decisions about and help improve the environments their kids learn in daily.

Check out our new eBook to find out:

  • Why typical school environments can contain substances of concern that may threaten children’s health—and where to find them
  • Which common school materials are the worst offenders
  • Practical steps anyone can take to reduce these risks for school-age children

Schools shouldn’t be filled with toxic chemicals. Read our eBook to learn about hazards at schools and daycares and what steps to take to create safer environments for children and teachers alike.