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The NEW Health eHome

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy is a comprehensive, easy-to-read online recipe and healthy food guide.


Shop Healthy

Great guides from us and our partners for all areas of your family's health. Take these easy steps towards a healthier home and life!


Our Book

A user-friendly and practical lifestyle guide about how to reduce toxic exposure in our homes, our new book is a perfect resource of credible and easy steps to creating a healthier environment and lifestyle for all stages of parenting.


The 5 Easy Steps

Start here with The 5 Easy Steps and discover that you can do something. Learn the uncomplicated facts, what you can do, and what is important to avoid. We then help you find the products and companies that help you create a safer, greener, healthier life.


Healthcare Program

The Healthcare program empowers Healthcare Professionals to inform expecting and new parents about how to protect their child from environmental health risks during critical phases of development and to create healthcare environments that are cleaner, greener and safer.


Video Tips

A great resource that explains in simple and clear language the important preventive techniques and science to help you guard your child from harmful environmental exposures. Great for those who want to dig deeper and learn about even more meaningful ways to keep their environments free from harm.


Get Answers

Experts answer questions previously asked by many parents striving to create a healthy environment for their children and themselves.


Quick Tips

Easy one-page guides that take you, step-by-step, through simple and effective prevention methods for all kinds of situations, from improving indoor air quality to picking fruit.


Action Kit by Erin Brockovich

A printable list of ways you can take easy action steps to create a healthier home and community for your children.


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