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Action Kit by Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich

Join Healthy Child and support our mission — to protect children from exposure to toxic substances that cause health problems — by taking one or more of these action steps today.


Action 1

SIGN-UP for the Healthy Child Times, our monthly email newsletter that provides healthy living tips, solutions, options, and steps to protect your children’s health.
Forward these links to ten friends you love and learn together about raising healthy families in a toxic world. Urge each person to forward the information to people they know.

Action 2

TAKE a virtual stroll through the Health eHome for 30 minutes and visit each room in the house filled with everything you need to know about hidden toxins and their healthy alternatives.

Action 3

REPLACE three toxic household cleaning and pest control products with safe alternatives (and throw in a few organic fruits and veggies from a green grocer) and consider switching permanently. You can find recommended products in the Shop Healthy section of our website. Take The 5 Easy Steps to make changes in your home.

Action 4

SPEARHEAD a campaign in your neighborhood to eliminate the use of lawn and garden pesticides and talk with your neighbors about adopting integrated pest management (IPM). Share your success with us. Since pesticides don't stay where you put them, what your neighbors use matters. Visit Beyond Pesticides for more info.

Action 5

GATHER other parents and start a playgroup. Modeled on the one started by Healthy Child's founder Nancy Chuda with her daughter Colette and friends, moms and babies gather for playtime and share what they are doing to keep their homes healthy.

Action 6

SPONSOR a Healthy Child event in your home or in your community. SPREAD the Healthy Child message by organizing a fundraiser or hosting a Healthy Child table at a local health fair or community gathering. Contact us for materials to distribute.

Action 7

STIMULATE discussion in your child's school or day care center, your community center, or parks and recreation department as to what precautions are being taken to ensure that kids are not being exposed to toxic substances in the air, food, water or consumer products in each of these places. Use articles from our site to focus the conversation.

Action 8

SEND a letter or an email to your member of Congress asking him/her to ensure funding for the U.S. EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection — the only government office charged with protecting the environmental health of the nation's children. We hear that this office will be dismantled soon, so your voice needs to be heard.

Action 9

SHARE your ideas with other Healthy Child advocates for children's health by contributing to the Healthy Child Healthy World Blog. Visit our blog to keep up to date with what’s going on and let people know what’s on your mind.

Action 10

SUPPORT Healthy Child by becoming a member or making a contribution. Your financial support will enable us to sustain our national campaign to educate parents throughout the United States on the importance of taking health protective steps for children in their homes, schools, and communities.

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