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Should I sand away the AFM Hard Seal on my baby's crib?

Everyone, if you have a problem with any product like this, where it seems to make the situation worse, please contact the manufacturer to get it resolved. They know best about what to do with their products. 

With AFM Hard Seal, I just want to make a caution. It's really important to check with AFM first to find out if it is appropriate to put their finish over another finish. Sometimes the finishes react with each other, which is what it sounds like happened here. 
I'm not sure if sanding is the right thing, as I don't know what will be exposed if you sand off the finish entirely. If it is bare solid wood, that's fine.

Debra :-)

This answer was provided by our friend, Debra Lynn Dadd. Hailed as "The Queen of Green" by the New York Times, Debra Lynn Dadd has been a pioneering consumer advocate since 1982, specializing in products and lifestyle choices that are safer for human health and the environment. She is the author of Home Safe Home.

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