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How can I safely clean my child’s toys and play area?

In your own home, many clean-up duties can be handled by water alone. If your child’s been sick (or someone else in the house has been), you may prefer something stronger.

A homemade disinfectant cleaner can be made with:

I teaspoon of borax
2 tablespoons of white vinegar
1/4 cup liquid soap
2 cups hot water

Mix in a refillable spray bottle and you’re good to go! If you opt for a solution like this, be sure to use when your kids aren't present and rinse off surfaces. Borax is a naturally effective antimicrobial that also inhibits mold and fungus - but it can pose risks if used incorrectly.

Plain baking soda will remove stains (make a paste by adding a bit of water) as well as deodorize (sprinkle around, leave for 15 minutes, and then vacuum). Browse our website for easy recipes for cleaning products.

Learn more about cleaning specific items like unfinished wood toys and stuffed animals by reading Keeping Toys Clean to Make Playtime Pure.

You may also be interested in watching our Healthy Byte video “How Do I Clean My Scummy Bath Toys?”

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