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How Do You Make Homemade Air Freshener?


Recently on our Facebook page, a community member asked:

“Any suggestions on how to make homemade air freshener?”


Healthy Child's Answer:

First of all, eliminate the source of offending odors. (Baking soda can be used sprinkled on carpets before vacuuming - or in the bottom of garbage cans or litter boxes. Vinegar is also effective for toilets, drains and other offenders.)

After reducing odor sources, you can make a spray using a very diluted vinegar mixture with a few drops of essential oil. Grow house plants. Boil scented herbs or essential oils in water on the stove. It really depends on what you're trying to tackle and what your personal preferences are as far as scents.

Our community answered too!

Kerrie: "I burn essential oil in a small oil burner. Or mix essential oil with water in a spray bottle to mist the air."

Wendy: "There are recipes for reed diffusers on the internet Im going to experiment with that( diffuser oil and essential oils)."

Jennifer: "great ideas!! Thanks I am super snesitive to scents and have to be carefulwhat I use, however hubby is allergic to vinager so I use a lot of tea tree around the house.. you can also use it (diluted in a spray bottle) to freshen the air.. but of course getting rid of the offending odours is best!! I like to make hot apple cider tooo that makes the house smell great!!"

Kerrie: "Oh, when I was little my mom would simmer orange peels and cinnamon stick. Perfect Christmas scent!"

Aidee: "Putting Orange peels after eating an orange:D in the garbage disposal mks the sink smell nice:) I hate the smell of cigarettes & someone borrowed my car & smoked in it & I couldn't get rid of the smell! I tried everything until I left a bowl of vinegar sitting in the car & it COMPLETELY REMOVED THE SMELL!!! Natural All the way!!=)"

Michele: "Lighting a match or a candle will help destroy odors. I stick with the beeswax candles for the most part, so I don't get the air pollution from the regular candles. You can also use diluted vodka in a spray bottle to spray on fabrics, and it will help get rid of odors."

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