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What Should I Do About Bed Bugs?


I wondered if you had time to look into the product "Protect-A-Bed." I just bought and I am about to return it. I saw the product just last week on Dr. OZ for bed bugs. Evidently, when you travel, these bugs do not discriminate and easily can be brought home.

So I invested a bit of money and ordered the mattress and box spring & two terry pillow covers. I washed 2 times in Seventh Generation free and clear and put them on. The smell was so annoying and made me dizzy. I called the company to return it and...I have learned my lesson and will read the fabric next time. I just didn't want bed bugs and freaked. I talked to a customer service rep there and sent her what I could about the following materials on your site to educate her.

On their packaging states: 100% Polyester (Main Panel), 100% Polyester (Skirt), Lining 100% Polyurethane all sides laminate! Any comments there!? I would like to send them your response. I have sent them that article from the Polyurethane.org about the safety of it like you posted once.


If you are concerned about bed bugs, get Nature's Defender Cedar Oil products. You can carry a spray bottle with you and spray the mattresses in hotel rooms. The cedar oil kills them. You can also spray this in your home if you are worried you have bed bugs. It does smell like cedar, but the smell dissipates and it is not toxic.

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