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What water should I use for making formula?


“I'm lost on what water to use when mixing my daughters formula, I can't seem to find out what is the safest route. We rent our home so we cannot modify anything, pipes are old...

I have a drinking water quality report, to be honest it might as well be in Japanese. it has tables that state the levels of contamination & that it meets federal standards. I'm trying so hard to make sure she is safe but we are below the poverty level & everyone around us has very different priorities. Can you recommend a site that I can compare the levels to what is safe?”


Use the EPA's local drinking water website and consumer information as well as the EWG's tap water database to learn more about what’s in your water and how it compares.

You could also call your local department of health to find out if there's anything specific to be concerned about. One of your main concerns should be lead (from old piping or solder). Lead contamination is tap specific and will not show up on your municipal drinking water test reports. Everyone should test their water for lead.

You can get a test kit from a hardware store (or maybe your local health department knows of options for low-income families). Until you test for lead, let your water run for a minute each morning before using for consumption (flushes lead out). And never use hot water from the tap.

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