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Healthcare Program

The Healthy Child Healthcare Program Empowers You

  • Inform expecting and new parents about how to protect their child from environmental health risks during critical phases of development.
  • Learn more about this important issue by gaining easy access to the latest research, recommendations, and even on-going education opportunities.
  • Connect with experts and others who care about protecting children from environmental health risks.
  • Create healthcare environments that are cleaner, greener and safer.

Why? Because Reducing Environmental Health Risks is Crucial During Pregnancy and Early Childhood

Human development is a delicate and startlingly quick process and each development relies on precise, successful development in the previous stage. If an environmental factor, such as a chemical contaminant in the mother's body, interferes with growth during a critical period of development, the child may be permanently affected.

This developmental process continues throughout pregnancy and into adulthood. The landslide of biological changes all build on earlier developments – there is an imminent danger here with the soup of toxic chemicals in the environment. But there is also an opportunity for getting the right information to parents at the right time.

Parents want this information, they want to do the right thing to protect and promote healthy child development. Learn more about why this program is important and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Patient Education Tools

Access tools to inform and inspire your patients.

Environmental Health Education for Professionals

Learn more about this issue and the latest science and educational opportunities.

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Create Cleaner, Greener, Safer Healthcare Environments

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