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Innovative, Human Friendly Products That Fit the Needs of People and the Planet
ecoSTORE USA is an extension of Eco Store, a 20- year-old company founded in New Zealand by eco-pioneer and spokesperson Malcolm Rands. A group of Michigan natives now brings the same insight, passion and authenticity to the USA market.

All ecoSTORE USA products are made in Michigan by Greenblendz, Inc. Greenblendz, Inc. is our in-house blending and manufacturing facility who’s R&D Team continues to create, improve and formulate cutting edge eco formulations. Greenblendz provides tommorrow’s solutions today.

High Standards
High standards of sustainability are of utmost importance to ecoSTORE USA, particularly in relation to our product formulations. Our guiding principle is that the end product must not only be better for the planet, but must also be better for the health of the user. At the same time, we strive to ensure our products perform as good as or better than the leading national brands.

ecoSTORE USA Products are 100% Plant-Based
Our packaging carries the No nasty chemicals™ message. It is not simply a marketing claim; the statement is integral to our business. We provide the best ecological products to help protect children’s
health by minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals.

With ingredient selection, we take a precautionary approach. This means if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, we find a safer alternative. That is why ecoSTORE USA remains completely transparent to its customers … and competitors … by listing each and every ingredient contained in the products we manufacture.

Tested Safe
All five of our baby products were subjected to a Clinical Safety Evaluation by an independent testing clinic. Results show all five Baby Products are Dermatologist-Approved and are not associated with skin irritation or allergic contact dermatitis in human subjects.

All of our Baby Care products also were given nearly perfect scores by researchers at the Environmental Working Group. The results are provided for consumers at Skin Deep, a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products.

No More Toxic Tub by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (download the Report)
Even more important is the fact that unlike many, many children’s bath products, ecoSTORE USA Baby Care products are not contaminated with formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane. These two chemicals, linked to cancer to skin allergies, are anything but safe, but are completely unregulated in children’s bath products. We know that not only are we are more skin friendly; our products are safe on a much more sophisticated level without harmful contaminants.

We’re elated by the results and proud of our commitment safety. Our baby care products are not only delightful to use, they’re completely safe for baby, which is why we say “Make No nasty chemicals™ Part of Their Lives.”

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