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Zoë b Organic

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"I’m no eco-evangelist. I’m not part of the radical fringe. I’m just an everyday mom who’s concerned about the health of our children and the world they live in. I believe parents should have the option to buy products that are safer for their kids and better for the planet. That, in a nutshell, is why I founded Zoë b Organic.

Our company is all about providing smarter, safer alternatives for babies and kids. Specifically, we make and sell products that are organic, sustainable, and chemical-free."

Valerie Lecoeur
Founder, Zoë b Organic

Our products:

Natursutten Rubber Pacifiers:

  • The #1 all-natural rubber, BPA-free pacifier in the world.
  • Made in Italy.

Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys:

  • The world’s first biodegradable beach toys.
  • Made from corn.
  • Made in USA.

Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes:

  • The world’s first dish-washer safe dishes made from corn.
  • Made in USA.

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