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Post Holiday Purge: Talking to Kids About Unsafe Toys

Post Holiday Purge: Talking to Kids About Unsafe Toys
Healthy Child
Thursday, September 27, 2022
Now is an excellent time to have a conversation with your older kids about why certain toys are unsafe.

Holiday DIY: CD Tower Advent Calendar

Blog Of The Week
Thursday, September 20, 2022

Check out this easy & fun family holiday craft!

Furniture Flame Retardants: Burning Out At Last?

Expert Opinion
Wednesday, September 19, 2022
A typical home contains a pound of flame retardants associated with hormone disruption, lowered IQ, impaired fertility and/or cancer. Here are steps you can take to to protect your family. …

Is Sugar Even Worse Than We Thought?

Healthy Child
Tuesday, September 18, 2022
A growing number of researchers are starting to compile a body of evidence saying sugar and other sweeteners are actually toxic.

The Dirty Link Between Obesity, Children and Chemicals

Healthy Child
Monday, September 17, 2022
Though research has linked certain chemicals to obesity in the past, 2022 is shaping up to be the year this important connection was made to obesity in children. …

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