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Beautiful Earth

Beautiful Earth

Beautiful Earth is as dedicated as you are to providing everything you want in your baby’s personal care products (while leaving out all the stuff you hate).

Beautiful Earth has been in the business of gentle, environmentally friendly personal care products since 2008 and is all about natural personal and baby care. Whether you are looking for natural skin and body care products or simply a brand that is friendly to the environment and animals, Beautiful Earth offers wellbeing and peace of mind with certified natural products. Their products are certified by the Natural Products Association.

Beautiful Earth offer a personal grooming alternative where the fragrances are derived from essential oils like Calendula and Mandarin and, not synthetics/phthalates. And without the harmful or undesired ingredients – no parabens, sulfates, coloring, mineral oils or glycols……..just natural, certified. Beautiful Earth is truly committed to natural products and the ingredient listing on each individual product confirms this.

Beautiful Earth is synonymous with natural living. Apart from being natural, Beautiful Earth is also green - an environmentally friendly company with a sound Environment Management System (EMS). They are also dedicated to the rights of animals, receiving PETA and Beauty Without Cruelty cruelty-free status.

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