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BIORAY® kids liquid herbal drops are great tasting natural kidssentials™ modern kids need to stay focused, keep calm, get happy and shine on.

As parents, we want our children to grow up happy, healthy and strong– all systems go! At BIORAY® kids, we make it easy for you with our great-tasting herbal supplement drops. We put them in liquid form, so they are easy to take and even easier to disguise! Put them in water or juice, or cook them into your kid’s favorite food - they can take the heat! 

  • NDF® calm: Binds to and removes toxins and has additional ingredients that nourish the liver to help kids keep calm and carry on.
  • NDF® shine: Toxin-destroyer meets superior liquid probiotic! This formula balances tummies and helps kids thrive like never before.
  • NDF® focus: Binds to and removes toxins and has additional ingredients that sharpen the mind and promote steady, focused energy.
  • NDF® happy: Gets rid of toxins and unwanted organisms that can trigger irritability and angry outbursts.

Why are kidssentials™ so effective?

BIORAY® kids liquid herbal drops are formulated using our unique Yaeyama Chlorella Mirconization process. This proprietary process yields NDF®, which sticks to environmental toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, BPA, and harmful pesticides, safely and naturally removing them from the body.

Quality Rules!

All of our products are gluten, dairy, alcohol and soy free, are made in the United States, and have been manufactured in a GMP, Kosher and FDA-approved facility.

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