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Fresh Air Manufacturing Company

Fresh Air Manufacturing Company

Fresh Air Manufacturing Company (FAMCO) created the IAQ Economizer to deliver 100% fresh, filtered outdoor air indoors, working in conjunction with your home’s air conditioning or heating system. Fresh air — automatically, or when you choose.

The FAMCO system delivers 100% fresh filtered outdoor air to the indoors for:

  • Improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Can be activated by a VOC (Volatile organic compound,) Carbon dioxide, or Indoor air quality sensing device.*
  • Providing fresh air with alarm activation. Can be activated by a Carbon monoxide, smoke, or radon alarm.*
  • Improving comfort while saving energy using fresh air cooling. (Typical 30% cooling savings.) Feels like opening every window in the home with a guaranteed gentle breeze, only automatically, and without concerns about security or introducing dust or pollen into the home. Compatible with all home air filtration systems.

As a manufacturer of fresh air systems we spend our days immersed in the topic of indoor air quality.  This includes looking for resources to help educate our customers about indoor air quality.  There was one thing that really stood out as being different about the Healthy Child website; the site provides usable solutions that customers can immediately implement to improve their indoor air.  While we believe that working with companies and supporting clean air legislation are extremely important, there is a real shortage of resources showing how to help those sensitive to or concerned about indoor air quality.  Pointing out that there is a problem does little good if you can’t offer a solution.  Healthy Child is a great resource.

*External devices must provide a contact closure for activation.

The FAMCO IAQ Economizer is a revolution in fresh air introduction.

Please visit us at www.famcoiaq.com