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We, here at Plum, are crazy for little ones and admire everything about them — especially all the amazing things they will grow up to be and do. that’s why we put the very best organic superfoods into every Plum product. Because amazing, deserves amazing.

Plum Organics® provides premium, nutritious organic baby food, toddler and kid snack food products. Best known for their unique, culinary-inspired recipes and a modern approach to family nutrition, Plum Organics is the only brand that offers a complete line of organic products that ensure healthy eating from the highchair to the lunchbox™.

This year, Plum Organics launched its social impact program the “The Full Effect”, which is dedicated to nourishing babies and toddlers in need across America.

One in 5 children are starving, right here in America. Not starving for calories, starving for food. Real food. Nutritious food. The kind of food every little one deserves. The result? Malnutrition. Diabetes. Obesity. Tots who can’t play. Kids who can’t learn. Unless we do something profound, that’s 1 in 5 dreams with no place to go.

Plum believes every little one deserves the nutrients she needs to grow into her full potential.

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