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Smart Party Swaps

Smart Party Swaps

August 8, 2022

Download the infographic here.


All the fun – with less waste and fewer chemicals. Make these smart swaps at your next soiree!


Ditch this: Plastic tablecloth

Try this: Recyclable butcher paper

Tip: Put out unscented markers and beeswax crayons so kids can decorate their places at the table.


Ditch this: Store-bought favors

Try this: Send kids home with memories instead:

  • A craft they made at the party
  • Pre-written thank-you note on recyclable card stock
  • Printed photograph of the day (or send parents a link to a digital album)


Ditch this: Candies made with artificial dyes or flavors

Try this: Serve fresh colorful fruits or home-baked goods made with natural colors.


Ditch this: Juice or punch

Try this: Make your own refreshment by adding fresh fruit slices and berries to still or sparkling water.


Ditch this: Balloon and streamers

Try this: Dress up tabletops with interactive games, puzzles and art supplies. Encourage kids to dive in!

Did you know? Latex balloons take months or years to biodegrade. Mylar balloons never do.


Ditch this: Plastic plates and silverware

Try this: Offer finger foods on recyclable paper plates


Download the infographic here.

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