What We Do

As parents, we do whatever is necessary to prevent harm to our children. Yet, there are many invisible risks that are difficult to identify and prevent. We are here to help. Here’s how:

Empower Parents

Every day, thousands of parents turn to Healthy Child for practical, credible advice for creating healthier homes. And once those parents are confidently on their journey, we arm them with tools and inspiration to educate others. It’s a domino effect building one of the most important movements in history. Learn more.

Drive Solutions

Healthier alternatives exist for almost every toxic product at the store. We aim to shape the debate by education about and advocation solutions for healthier living. Learn more.

Shape Policy

For over 20 years, Healthy Child  has worked to shape policy that better protects our children’s health. In fact, the first time legislation was introduced to overhaul our country’s main chemical regulatory system, it was dedicated to Healthy Child’s founders, Jim and Nancy Chuda. We’ve been fighting for that reform and ever since. Learn more.